Meet Our Staff!

Stitches Power 75 James Buck
President / Owner

Voted by Stitches Magazine as one of the 75 Most Influential People In the Industry in 2013 and also to the 75 Most Powerful People in the Industry in 2014, James Buck founded MESA in 1993. Mr. Buck is a hands-on type of person, and has patented or helped develop many features and accessories for apparel decorating equipment. Today, Mr. Buck may still occasionally be found tinkering with a machine, looking for yet another way to improve the process.

Terry Davis
General Manager

Employed by MESA since 1997, Mr. Davis previously worked in the photocopier industry and believes that experience has helped him succeed in the apparel decorating industry. He started at MESA as a machine technician, and worked his way through several titles until becoming General Manager.

Mr. Davis oversees several departments at MESA, including technical support, parts, and supplies. In addition, he is continually analyzing customer needs then implementing refinements and improvements to better serve them, and also ensures efficiency by assessing coordination and communication between departments. Mr. Davis does all this and more, yet manages to keep a positive attitude and is very well-liked by MESA employees. He believes that a desire to succeed, as well as keeping a healthy attitude, promotes success for MESA and its customers.

Ami Benson
Western Regional Sales Manager

Ami started out in the apparel decorating industry with a digitizing software company in 1992. During her early years, she worked with some of the industry's most influential pioneers and gained invaluable product knowledge. When Ami joined MESA's sales team in 1998, she was excited to join a company that was gaining so much of the embroidery machine sales market.

Ami has a genuine concern for her customers needs. She will often go out of her way to make sure they are looking at every possibility available to get their business off to a good start. She does this by offering not only information about MESA's products and the apparel decorating industry in general, but also by responding to their specific needs. Ami may help find sources for blank goods, offer guidance regarding pricing of products and services, or offer advice on how to evaluate the local competition and overcome any obstacles. After the sale, Ami maintains a relationship with her customers and is always available for advice.

Keith Howland
Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Keith has worked in the embroidery industry for over 20 years. He uses his wide range of inside knowledge to expertly guide newcomers and pros alike toward the products most suited for their specific needs. Starting a new business or expanding an existing one? With your answers to a few questions, Keith will help you find the perfect machine for your business!

Keith's industry knowledge was instrumental in helping MESA transition to the Highland line of embroidery machines in 2009, and he continues to be a valuable asset to MESA and MESA's customers.

Mike Garner
Central Regional Sales Manager

Mike has 27 years of experience in the apparel decorating industry. His background includes being the operations manager of a large contract embroidery/uniform company. He is an expert digitizer. He has been the lead digitizer/trainer for two large companies doing college licensing designs and national brands. Due to his extensive knowledge of embroidery software and digitizing, Mike often does support for Wings XP embroidery software for MESA's customers. He has also successfully run his own digitizing and embroidery business.

MESA also employs a number of independent sales representatives, independent technicians, in-house technicians, field service technicians, and technical support specialists. All are ready and happy to serve you, MESA's loyal customers.

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