Highland Automatic Chenille Machines

Chenille Bee Design

Cash in on the rising demand for chenille embellished garments. Today's market is not limited to just Letterman/Varsity Jackets, you can find chenille on just about everything! Some ideas include: cheerleading uniforms, band uniforms, club jackets, skirts, blouses, pajamas, robes, pillow shams, quilts, children's clothing, throw pillows and patches.

An Automatic Chenille Machine could be the most productive machine in your shop. With features such as a large design memory and a huge sewing field, you will be able to tackle the largest projects with ease!

Expand your business today and cash in on the opportunities in chenille apparel decorating.

Six Color Compact Chenille Machine

Compact Chenille Machine

Create Six-Color Chenille Designs with Ease

Highland Compact Automatic 6 Color Chenille Machines are the only compact chenille machines in the US. This six-color heavy duty machine is built for industrial use, yet its tiny footprint allows it to fit into the smallest shops.

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Chenille / Embroidery Combo Machine

Do More with a Combo Machine

Highland Combo Chenille Embroidery Machines feature a chenille head and an embroidery head, and can share hoops from one to the other. Add a Quick Change Cap attachment to make this a highly profitable apparel decorating machine.

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combo chenille embroidery machine
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