T-Shirt Printers

MESA offers two different technologies to achieve full-color prints on t-shirts and other garments.

Each method allows setting designs to light or dark garments, and both allow the use of millions of vibrant colors.

Laser transfer printers offer the lowest start-up costs, and simplest maintenance. Direct to garment printers offer more flexible design and print options, plus the designs hold up to more washings.

Choose the method which best fits your needs and budget.

DTG Printers

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Direct to Garment Printers

Summit RT DTG Printer

Starting at only $14,300, Summit RT DTG Direct to Garment Printers apply special inks directly to the garment. The inks are then permanently bonded to the garment using a heat press. DTG prints have a softer feel than transfers and tend to be more durable.

The Summit RT Direct to Garment Printer uses special inkjet technology with specially formulated inks. Inks are applied directly to the garment. Prints from a DTG printer have a softer feel than screen printed prints or transfer prints (although a heavy pretreatment or heavy white ink layer can make the ink feel more noticeable). On light garments where no white ink is used, you may not be able to feel the ink at all. The inks are permanently set using a heat press, and is very durable, lasting through many wash cycles. You can learn more about DTG printing technology by reading the New to Garment Printing FAQs.

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Laser Transfer Printers

With the OKI C711WT starting at only $2,690, OKI Laser Transfer Printers print your designs to special transfer paper. The design is then transferred from the paper to the garment using a heat press. Different papers are available allowing transfer of designs to hard surfaces.

The White Toner Laser Transfer Printers are a simpler and more economical technology for achieving printed shirts. The design is printed to special transfer paper. Transfers can be sold as is, or can be heat-set to a garment for higher profit potential.

The OKI C711WT and Pro 8432WT laser transfer printers feature white toner, to allow white on dark garments, something not offered by many transfer printers. Without the white toner, many designs simply would not work well on dark garments.

For the absolute lowest startup cost, look at the OKI C831TS model. This model does not use white toner, so it works best with light or white garments, but some designs may still work well on dark garments.

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Pro 8432WT Laser Transfer Printer

OKI Pro 8432WT Laser Transfer Printer
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