OkiData Pro 920WT Laser Transfer Printer

The Pro 920WT laser transfer printers are the most reliable and very economical way to start a t-shirt decorating business. These laser transfer printers also have a serious advantage over direct-to-garment (DTG) printers - with DTG printers you can only print on what fits onto the platen or into the printer, but with OKI laser transfer printers, the sky is the limit! Decorate t-shirts (light and dark), coffee mugs, baseball caps, laptop computers and so much more!

The Pro 920WT laser printers use proprietary cyan, magenta, yellow and white toners to produce millions of vibrant colors. The white toner is also used to create an underbase for printing on dark garments, giving vivid colors and details. Don't be fooled by other laser printers that claim to decorate dark garments - while this is technically true, without the white toner many images simply will not look good on a dark garment.

The LCD screen features simple to use controls and also displays the level of toner remaining in each cartridge.

The Pro 920WT toner cartridges and drums are specially made for decorating garments and hard surfaces, but can also be used for printing on standard paper, card stock and much more.

The reliability and ease of maintenance is unsurpassed. Thousands of designs can be printed before the slightest bit of maintenance will need to be performed.

  • Maximum print area is 11½ x 16½ inches
  • Decorate light or dark garments
  • High Definition prints for vibrant color and rich detail
  • Print Images up to 1200dpi resolution
  • Extremely inexpensive way to decorate full color shirts
  • NO WEEDING! No need to cut out empty spaces in design - just print, press and peel
  • Compatible with heat and cold transfers, you can apply to almost anything
  • No post or pre-treatment required
  • Withstands powerful wash and dry cycles
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