OKI T-shirt on model

The fast, affordable way to decorate almost anything, from t-shirts to hard surfaces.

Start a new business or expand your existing business with OKI Data laser transfer printers. All kinds of designs are quickly and easily printed to transfer paper at up to 30 pages per minute. Once printed, you just heat set and peel.

Create custom artwork with your favorite programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and many more, then print. There is also an optional RIP software for laser transfer printers. The RIP software gives you ultimate and precise control over the printing process.

Decorate anything from light or dark cottons, polyester, wool, nylon, silk, jackets, jeans, bandanas, caps, aprons, polos, leather, bags, umbrellas, wood, metal, and so much more. Imagine the possibilities!

Three models to choose from - the C831TS, the C711WT and the Pro 8432WT- to better fit your budget and business needs.